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Water Channelling Wall on Wheels

Water Channelling Wall on Wheels

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Embark on a fascinating journey of discovery with our Water Channeling Wall on Wheels, an interactive and engaging play feature designed to inspire young minds. The water channel wall is a dynamic tool for learning and experimentation, where children can design various water pathways and observe the flow, making it perfect for budding engineers and problem-solvers.

Key features 

  1.  Interactive Channels: Allows children to create numerous pathways for water flow, enhancing their understanding of physics and fluid dynamics.
  2. Choice of Materials: Available with wooden channels or plastic gutter channels, catering to different preferences and play environments.
  3. Mobility: Equipped with anti-rust castors, making it easy to move and versatile for various settings.
  4. Water Pumps and Moving Parts: Includes pumps and parts that add an extra layer of interactivity and fun.

Educational benefits 

  • Problem-Solving: Challenges children to think critically and find creative solutions.
  • Teamwork: Encourages collaboration among peers, fostering social skills and cooperative learning.
  • Engineering Skills: Aids in developing an early interest in engineering concepts and mechanical understanding.

Our Water Channeling Wall on Wheels is more than a mere water play feature; it's a catalyst for learning and teamwork. As children engage with the wall, they not only enjoy the thrill of manipulating water but also hone their problem-solving and engineering skills. This movable and versatile wall is a fantastic addition to any educational or play setting, providing hours of educational fun and promoting a hands-on approach to learning.


Width - 1.6m
Height - 1.2m
Depth - 0.68m


FSC Pressure Treated Redwood Timber


No Assembly Required


Delivery is free of charge and included in the purchase price for Mainland UK. Shipping can be arranged outside of Mainland UK. Please contact us to enquire.

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