Maintenance and Care

To help your product’s lifespan, we have produced this guide which contains useful tips, advice, and general safety information about your purchase.


Please note that the resources and products are intended to support children’s learning and development and are not supplied by MooAngel as toys. There is the expectation that responsible adults select products based on the age, needs, and development stage of the child before purchasing a product.

Due to the harsh outdoor weather, resources have a shorter lifespan, and therefore, may need to be replaced regularly. Furthermore, children’s play may be livelier and more vigorous outdoors which means that they are more likely to take risks. It is the adult’s role and responsibility to do everything within their power to ensure children’s safety at all times.

Although our products provide excellent learning opportunities for children, they still must be taught how to use the products safely and appropriately.


We use wood for most of our products as it is a natural material that offers a rich variety of colour, texture, weight, and shape. Moreover, wood is a live material and therefore, it is likely to change colour and shape as well as cracking, expanding, shrinking, and breathing. This is all part of a natural process. Storing our products in a cool, dry place will prolong their life.

You should also refrain from submerging the products in water or placing them in damp environments for prolonged periods of time. Furthermore, you should allow the product to dry slowly in a well-ventilated and not overly hot or dry environment and regularly assess for changes. Raised grain and chipped edges can be sanded down using fine-grade sandpaper.

Wooden products are made with pre-treated timber unless stated otherwise. We ensure that our products comply with RoSPA Recommendations relating to wooden play equipment. These recommendations can be found here.


Products that we use in our everyday lives such as drainpipes, guttering, and funnels are used to create our products. If the parts are taken care of, they will remain intact. If the parts break for whatever reason, you can buy a set from our company or from anywhere in the UK.


Care is taken to use upcycled parts that are suitable for their new purpose including parts that are sturdy and maintain a stable structure. There may be a time when a product becomes unstable in its newfound use. Please be aware of this and apply care when handling upcycled parts and cable reels. Please see our product descriptions for details on the upcycled parts.