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Early Years Large Mud Kitchen

Early Years Large Mud Kitchen

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Embrace the joy of messy play with our Early Years Large Mud Play Kitchen, a wonderland where children can create, explore, and imagine. Let them rustle up a leaf pie or a mud burger for their garden friends. This mud kitchen is not just about making mud pies; it's a canvas for children to poke, squeeze, and mix mud, crafting potions and concoctions from their outdoor discoveries.

Key features 

  1. Comprehensive Design: Includes a new Belfast sink, stove, oven, storage cupboard, and ample storage space.
  2. Utensils Included: A variety of utensils are provided, enhancing the realistic and interactive play experience.
  3. Customisable Options: Can be tailored to individual preferences, such as a corner mud kitchen or one with multiple sinks. We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Educational benefits 

  • Sensory Exploration: Encourages tactile and sensory experiences, vital for early childhood development.
  • Creative and Imaginative Play: Stimulates creativity and imagination, allowing children to invent their own play scenarios.
  • Adaptability for Different Ages: Suitable for a wide range of ages, making it a versatile addition to any early years outdoor play setting.

Our Early Years Large Mud Play Kitchen is more than a play kitchen; it's a gateway to a world of imaginative and sensory-rich play. Perfect for outdoor play areas, it offers endless opportunities for children to engage in creative and explorative play, tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Watch as they delve into a world of muddy culinary adventures, developing key skills and making unforgettable memories.


Height: 100cm
Width: 240cm


FSC Pressure Treated Redwood Timber


10-year guarantee against wood rot and insect damage.


Pre - assembled.


Delivery is free of charge and included in the purchase price for Mainland UK. Shipping can be arranged outside of Mainland UK. Please contact us to enquire.

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