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Loose Parts Playground Set - Mini

Loose Parts Playground Set - Mini

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Our Mini Loose Parts Playground  Set is aimed at youngsters growing in confidence with their climbing and balancing our mini loose parts are set low to the ground. 

The different components allow for skill development in areas such as problem solving, team work and  language development. 

The 12 piece set comprises of:

  • 4 boxes - with cut out handles for easy moving and also to allow planks to hook on to.
  • 2 islands - with space underneath for easy moving.
  • 2 wedges
  • 4 planks - with hooks at each end to maintain position when inserted into the cut out handle on the box.



Height: 20cm
Width: 35cm
Depth: 28cm

Island 1
Height: 20cm
Width: 44cm
Depth: 4cm

Island 2
Height: 15cm
Width: 44cm
Depth: 4cm

Height: 15cm
Width: 44cm


FSC Pressure Treated Redwood Timber


10-year guarantee against wood rot and insect damage.


Pre - assembled.


Delivery is free of charge and included in the purchase price for Mainland UK. Shipping can be arranged outside of Mainland UK. Please contact us to enquire.

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