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Loose Parts Playground Set

Loose Parts Playground Set

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Discover the endless possibilities of skill-building play with our Loose Parts Playground Set, a dynamic collection of components designed to foster problem-solving, risk-taking, teamwork, and communication skills. This innovative set is not merely a collection of play items; it's a tool for developing essential life skills through physical and interactive play.

Key features 

  1. Stacking Cubes: Includes 3 sets of stacking cubes for building and balancing activities.
  2. Steps: Comes with 2 sets of steps to encourage climbing and exploration.
  3. Hollow Blocks: Features 2 hollow blocks, which can be climbed over or through. They can house the plastic tunnel to prevent it rolling away, offering both  versatile and safe play.
  4. Plastic Tunnel: A single plastic tunnel for crawling, sliding and hiding.
  5. Ramp: A ramp to enhance physical coordination and balance.
  6. Hook-On Planks: 4 hook-on planks for connecting and extending play areas.
  7. Early Years Play Suitability: Perfectly designed for young children, encouraging safe and developmental play.

Educational benefits 

  • Encourages active play where children can develop gross motor skills¬† as they set out and use the loose parts.
  • Educational Benefits: Enhances physical coordination, spatial awareness, and creative problem-solving.


Our Loose Parts Playground Set is more than just a playset; it's a foundation for building key developmental skills. Suitable for early years settings, it provides children with a versatile and engaging environment to experiment and collaborate. This set not only promotes physical development but also encourages critical thinking and teamwork, making it an invaluable addition to any play area, where learning and play go hand in hand.


Nest of Cubes - 60cm, 45cm, 30cm
Step Height - 50cm
Hollow Block Height 68cm
Ramp Height - 45cm
Plank Length - 120cm
Tunnel Length 200cm


FSC Pressure Treated Redwood Timber


10-year guarantee against wood rot and insect damage.


Pre - assembled.


Delivery is free of charge and included in the purchase price for Mainland UK. Shipping can be arranged outside of Mainland UK. Please contact us to enquire.

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