Why MooAngel?

Why MooAngel?

I have been asked this a number of times since staring my own business so I thought I’d give you further insight behind it. Both Moo and Angel are pet names for each of my daughters.

I have always been passionate about the experiences we provide to children and young people within education, giving children opportunities to explore, be active and understand the world around them. This is how I started with my range of products. They are all focused on play and learning, encourage outdoor play and use sustainable or up cycled materials.

This is linked to our values as parents where, as a family, we enjoy the outdoors and these are the times where we have the most fun - out in the fresh air whether it’s a walk in the woods, a bike ride along the canal or exploring further afield places of interest. So back to MooAngel. To name my business after my daughters encompasses everything in my amazing life journey so far - the love of my family combined with my passions for education and child development.

This is me with my beautiful family although you’re more likely to see me covered in sawdust and paint these days. And I love it!

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