The Explorer Range - It’s birth

The Explorer Range - It’s birth

In my past life in school I used to yearn for a budget that could develop our early years outdoor area. Those of you in charge of a school/nursery budget will understand why there was a yearning and not a reality. I’d look for cheaper alternatives in which the outdoor provision could enhance the experiences of our 3 year olds.

Whilst browsing the net for ideas, I came across this image.

Taking this image into the nursery and asking staff, “Surely we must know someone between us who could make us this?” I loved how simple this was and the fantastic play opportunity it offered. Sadly no one did know any one who could make this simple piece of play equipment.

Moving the clock forward with MooAngel in its’ fledging months , I decided that I would be the one to make the open ended vehicle. Off I went and sourced, most importantly, a decent pallet and the other necessary items and as simple as that the first pallet explorer is born.

Following this , changes have been made over time. Pallets - we now make our own. This just takes out the headaches of putting right a wooden frame that was never intended for child’s play. Time was spent so long making the pallet safe that it was quicker to make them. Whilst there are many wonderful things you can make with up cycled pallets - be warned, a chemical coating on some of them deem them unsafe for use with children . We are want to make quality long lasting product using high quality timber.

I’ve made the Explorer in so many different combinations but with each one proving that open ended play opportunity. I openly accept that others can make a version of our Explorer yet I also recognise the fact that practitioners in education settings are so busy they don’t have the time and they may not know someone who can make it - I know, I’ve been there.

Our Explorer range has been and continues to be a popular product. Read my next blog which explains why.

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